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Stress Management Skills To Make You Healthier

Stress Management Skills To Make You Healthier

When you respond positively and creatively to stressful situations and to hassles itself, it is an understanding that you possess the attitudes and knowledge to manage pressure effectively.

These are called stress management skills and this may extend from improved interpersonal skills, anger management, effective time management and tension reduction techniques. Some significant stress management skills teach you some different methods to rest your body, mind and soul.

If you master these beneficial stress management skills, you would be greatly equipped to deal and cope with anxiety and the harmful impact it could have in your personal life and in your workplace.

This in turn, assists you in working through the tension and probable negative emotions. Breathing techniques like deep breathing and controlled breathing are both quick and effortless and an easy way to de-stress. Another great benefit of these breathing exercises is that they could be done anywhere and anytime. Another stress management skill is the massage therapy.

You can massage your neck, back and shoulders to increase your sense of wellness and to relieve anxiety and pressure. Massages are available in health spas where massages are part of their services or from trained massage therapists. Exercise is another from of stress management skill that would bring you the essence of consistent exercise to lessen your negative reaction to hassles and tension in your life.

Any regular fitness activity which increases your heart rate for fifteen or more minutes three to four times for a week would help minimize the destructive effects of pressure. The use of yoga as another source of physical and emotional relief, overall spiritual well being and reducing stress and anxiety is another good and effective stress management skill to try. Some great advantages of yoga include increased strength and flexibility, reduced anxiety, longer and continuous sleep, lower and more stabilized blood pressure, and minimized anxiety and muscle tension. On the whole, the practical use of stress management skills could prove to be quite enjoyable and stimulating.

Music therapy has also been known to eliminate tension and gives you an uplifted mood in a more creative way. Choose your own genre of music to help you relax and enjoy at the same time. Music therapy has also been perceived to reduce harmful stress, increase your deep breathing and take your mind off the pain.

When ascertaining various stress management activities and skills to help you relax, unwind and alleviate tension and stress one of the basic elements is to take some time off and try to do something you really enjoy. It is said that no matter how busy or preoccupied a person is, as long as he really loves and enjoys what he does, he never gets stressed at all.

Why? Maybe because he doesn’t view his work as something of a bore or a drudgery. It is as if he’s only playing and it becomes part of his system—his way of life. Some activities such as reading or any hobby outside your typical normal work schedule would also provide you some rest and relaxation that your body deserves.

By: Amy Twain

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Simple Anxiety Attacks And Stress Management Techniques For You

Simple Anxiety Attacks And Stress Management Techniques For You

That means to say, negative emotions like anxiety, despair, grief and sorrow makes the individual susceptible to illness and diseases. Yes, they do not directly cause illness and disease, but for what they do to the body (such as lowering the body’s immune system) they become a bigger cause of illnesses.

The body’s fight or flight response (the root of stress) is an emergency measure that’s both vital and valuable to survival. The only problem to this is that compounded experiences to this emergency measure can be damaging as it is very disruptive. It creates emotional dysregulation, releases catecholamine hormones that inhibit several bodily functions.

These functions would include inhibition of gastric and digestive function, thereby lowering one’s intake to needed nutrients; constriction of several blood vessels in many body areas, thus lowering its function; lessening tear gland and salivatory gland function, thus hampering the body’s ability to fend of diseases, releasing chemicals on the muscles in preparation for muscular activity, which could become toxic when not used up.

Individuals in deep anxiety will experience several health debilitating factors, like loss of appetite, severe headaches that could lead to migraines, inability to sleep that would lead to insomnia, inability to process thought fast due to constriction of blood vessels to the brain.

Because stress bought by anxiety had become a common modern man’s affliction, there are several anxiety attacks and stress management techniques that have been developed. Here are some of them anxiety attacks and stress management techniques.

Time Management = Stress Management

One of the most common root problems of anxiety in a workplace is the surmounting task with no way out. Approaching deadlines but with yet a lot to do, such situations causes anxiety which won’t really help in the speeding of the work. One of the timeless stress management techniques is time management. Stress of this kind is often curable with the satisfaction of a work done and effective time management always equate to effective stress management.

Being Happy

One of the best anxiety attacks and stress management techniques, the best vaccine to any diseases is the general feeling of well being. That is being happy. Take time to ask yourself: What can I do now to be happy? Indulge on those pleasures, singly or socially, as long as it generates within you a feeling of happiness.

Laughter is still the Best Medicine

It is so trite that it had lost its meaning a long time ago. Still, laughter is the best medicine even if psychologically. Find ways that can make you laugh; it allows you to spend energy while promoting a positive outlook in your life. Laughter can be your best anxiety attacks and stress management techniques.

By: Lucile Taylor

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What Is Stress Management

What Is Stress Management

Understanding the core factors in producing stress takes you closer to eliminating it. But while the most common conception of stress takes into account something we all know, experienced and recognize, then the definition we know of stress management should be obvious –except that it isn’t.

So what your definition of stress management? We define it as our conscious knowledge of things that effect stress and the methods to divest stress harmlessly out of our body system. It is also a set of techniques that professionals do to help us in coping up with various kinds of stress. Furthermore, we can also say that it is an equipping of knowledge, a conditioning, or a change of lifestyle that allows only the most minimum instances where stress can actually set in.

Before we start, what is stress? Stress is a nervous system reaction of your body towards certain stimulus. This nervous system reaction could be easily viewed as an unconscious preparation of the body for a certain activity, like for instance releasing adrenaline chemicals onto your muscles whenever you feel alarmed, for example triggering auto response duck and adrenaline rush quickness on the muscles as you hear and process a gunfire shot; or else shutting down some of your pain receptors while you’re in a fight.

The problem with stress response is that it also triggers psychologically. Anxiety of approaching deadlines, nervousness over the outcome of a completing project, surmounting unpaid bills, or the nervous anticipation of any event, any situation that’s going to happen in the near future may trigger stress response. Over time, these repeated stress experiences can severely deplete energy which could be used instead to other health functions like digesting meals, functioning body defense system, and such. And because stress response, especially to feelings of anger can also trigger those auto response that shuts down blood on several areas, these other blood-oxygen deprived areas can result to a number of illnesses.

Returning on track, the definition of stress management is a system that is aimed to reduce stress and/or facilitate the person to cope up on these instances. Because stress fall into a complex assortment of emotions and sources of them are even more profuse, the definition of stress management had become so broad, but all of them are aimed to relieve stress and divert these energies elsewhere harmless, and sometimes, even productive. All in all, the definition of stress management falls into three categories: action oriented stress management, emotionally oriented stress management, and acceptance oriented stress management.

By: Lucile Taylor

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How Can You Make Money In A Rough Economy

How Can You Make Money In A Rough Economy

Times are tough right now and everyone is feeling the hit. Every morning you get up and look at a newspaper or watch the news you hear another story of companies laying more people off or closing down their offices due to the bad economy. Unemployment numbers are the worst they’ve been in decades. Thousands and thousands of more and more people are looking for a job, and unfortunately, there are not enough jobs to go around.

Maybe you are one of those people looking for a way to make money and the number one question you are asking is, “How can I make money in a rough economy?” and “Where do I even start?” Allow me to give you answers to these questions.

First, yes, you can make money in a rough economy. You can start your own online business today and start making money in a matter of days. It’s not hard to do. You don’t have to be an expert in web designing, web programming, or be an IT professional, but don’t let anyone kid you, there are a things you do need to know to be successful on the net. But let me also say that with the right training anyone with access to an internet connection can make as much money as they desire.

Now believe me when I tell you that you can waste a lot of time and money on trying to find the best programs and internet teachers to teach you the best ways to make money, only to find that you still don’t have some of the missing pieces to this vast puzzle. There are even literally millions of sites that want you to work for them, but which one best suits you.

Yes, there are a number of good programs online that can help you get started and teach you everything you need to know to grow a profitable business. However, you want to make sure that the system you join for your training offers a variety of different methods. What I mean by this is that you don’t want a system or program that only teaches how to earn money with just one way of doing things such as only using AdSense or Blogging for Dollars, or Trading on Ebay. Invest in a system with a wide variety of strategies of making money.

You also want a program that will give you a Step-by-Step tutorial on how to market effectively on-line, even down to how to set up an email account. You want a program that will help keep you motivated to learn more, and help you implement everything you learn.

In summary, yes you can make money online in this bad economy, but you are going to need some help to get started. Invest in a solid training program to increase your opportunities for success.

By: Sandra Richards

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Sandra Richards is a freelance writer and a novice internet marketer. What training program does she recommend? Well, she's glad you asked. Sandra always recommends Maverick Money Makers. It’s simply the best place to get all the tools you need to make money online right now. Start making money. Go to right now.

Strategies For an Online Job Search

Strategies For an Online Job Search
By Thomas Richardson

Finding a job used to be a very slow process, but this has drastically changed with the advent of online job search boards. Rather than waiting for the Sunday newspaper to find good jobs to apply for, you can now set up an account with a multitude of online job search agents and have hundreds of leads delivered to you inbox daily. This article will show you how to properly put together an online job search that is efficient and effective.

Online Job Search Strategy - Step 1: Get Your Profile Online

The first step in conducting your online job search is preparing electronic copies of your resumes and cover letters. The major online job boards allow you to create a free profile and upload as many targeted resumes and cover letters as you like. Putting your job search documents in an electronic format makes it super easy to distribute them to potential employers quickly. Once you have put your resume in an electronic format, it's important to upload it to as many sites as possible. Most importantly, make your resume "searchable" or public to employers. This way when an employer runs a search for specific keywords, your resume will show up without even needing to apply for the job.

Online Job Search Strategy - Step 2: Set Up Automated Job Search Agents

The major online job search sites offer a fantastic automated feature - emailed search results. You can create a free profile that will bring daily leads to your email address. When you create a job search agent, be sure to use as many relevant keywords as possible relating to your field. Don't just use the title of the position you are looking for, include synonyms and related words to increase the chances of finding leads you are interested in. For example, if you are an accountant, don't just search for "accountant." Instead put together a large string of related keywords, such as: "accountant, accounting, general ledger, finance, financial reporting." You may end up seeing jobs that you are not qualified for, but it's better to have too many than too few.

Online Job Search Strategy - Step 3: Managing the online application process

It can get pretty cumbersome to manage the application process once you have multiple emailed search agents created. To keep yourself focused, you need to have a good process for organizing the leads. I like to use the daily job application organizer that you can find at By keeping a list of jobs you are interested in you can be sure you are following up properly on each job you apply for.

Finding a job online can be much faster and easier than using a newspaper and regular U.S. postal mail, but it can also take up a lot of your time. By putting your materials online in an electronic format and using automated job search agents, you will be able to quickly find and apply for the best jobs available

For more information on a proper online job search strategy, check out the articles and other resources at Job Search Power offers a free course and newsletter that will help you stay organized and focused, and increase you chances of getting a job interview

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Bulletproof Clothing - Is it in Our Future

Bulletproof Clothing - Is it in Our Future?
By Preston Witt

Our history is aligned with the past of wars. The ingenuity of man in the arts of war has started the creation of many of today's modern protective body armors. Bulletproof clothing is just one of the most popularly used body armor of today. The practicality of the use of body armor such as bulletproof clothing in ballistics is excellent when it comes to personal protection. Not only does a good vest protect against firearm projectiles buy also against explosives and knives.

During the middle ages, an Italian named Filippo Negroli was a known to be knowledgeable in fashioning steel. His skills were commissioned by the Duke of Ubino. Together, they have marked the production of the very first kinds of bulletproof clothing. However, the vest's heaviness and restriction to movements made their especially designed body armor become a problem rather than advantage during war. Together with the minds of other people who contributed well in the evolution of modern bulletproof vests, man has eventually created a selection of bulletproof clothing in which police and security officers and soldiers in war stake their life on while participating in special tasks and operations.

Today, there is a variety of bulletproof clothing to choose from. Much of them are custom designed to fit the level of security and protection demanded by law enforcement a job or people of status in the society. Police bulletproof jackets are the most popular forms of bulletproof clothing. Custom made on request and measurements, many of these vests are sold to the US government and police stations across the nation. Because having curves sometimes become a problem in the fitment of vests, the Ladies' bulletproof jacket line was issued. These vests are custom made for women and is tested to offer the highest standard available for body armor.

Military bulletproof jackets are those specifically designed for combat operations. Concealable bulletproof jackets are very much similar to those you see worn by the characters in action films. They can be worn underneath civilian clothing and has served as a valuable means of protection for people working in a surveillance team or people in a police undercover operation. Executive vests are those worn by people of high societal status, such as politicians and company CEOs, for security reasons. Also, since police forces are using K-9 units, K-9 bulletproof vests were also made available for the four-legged law officers.

Many of the people who use bulletproof clothing works for the private or government law enforcement agencies and by people whose work puts their line on the line. The efficacy of these protective vests has long been proven. As a safety article, the government dictates stringent quality assurance in the production of these vests. Many other non-government organizations have been established to also monitor how well the manufacturers reproduce duplicates to their government-approved bulletproof clothing prototype.

At a minimum cost, investing on bulletproof clothing and electing to wear it is a way of ensuring life particularly in areas where crime rates are so high. Anyone in plain clothes will surely get serious injuries from explosions, firearm projectiles and from slashing knives. People who are dealing with heightened possibilities of crime and violence is advised to invest on protective body armor. Safeguarding your body and your life is reason enough to make this vest a welcome addition to your daily wear.

Bulletproof Jackets 4 U is a leading supplier of body armor products and bulletproof products. With our great products, excellent service, and pristine experience we can offer the best bulletproof products at the lowest prices. Please stop by to browse our selection. Order today and receive free shipping.

Source for the best Bulletproof Jackets

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US Treasury Unclaimed and Missing Money Owed to Americans

US Treasury Unclaimed and Missing Money Owed to Americans
By Russ D Johnson

The bursting of the real-estate bubble brought about a storm of problems that hit the U.S. like a super-typhoon. Seemingly invincible Wall Street juggernauts came crashing down gasping. Detroit's ailing Big Three triggered a wave of factory shut-downs and lay-offs that started a wave of job-loss and homelessness across the county. Other businesses have been downsizing as well and it doesn't seem like things are going to improve soon. In fact, the economic quagmire has spread to Asian nations like an unstoppable virus and financial experts can only sit back watching helplessly.

A depressing number of American families are still losing their homes up to this point and the wave of recession is slowly creeping inwards from opposite coasts. All but a miniscule percentage of the US population has been affected by the economic crisis that just turned global and people are struggling just to keep meals on the table. To say people are desperate for cash would be a gigantic understatement. Unknown to most, there is a way for Americans to get their hands on some easy money. It's not a sure-shot deal mind you, but it's not a scam either. I'm talking about lost money belonging to people and businesses that have lost track of their finances through bad addresses, file mix-ups, oversight or what have you. Yes, a large portion of the American populace are actually richer than they think they can find missing money from state unclaimed property quite easily.

The National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators is an organization that represents the Unclaimed Money Bureau of each State and tries their best to protect and help Americans find their missing money from lost assets. The NAUPA's definition: "Unclaimed property (sometimes referred to as abandoned) refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity generated or contact with the owner for one year or a longer period. Common forms of unclaimed property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler's checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, and contents of safe deposit boxes. "

Contrary to what one may think, it's quite easy to find missing money from financial assets that have been lost over time. Remember that we're in the information age and most of our transactions can be done online now. Finding unclaimed money at the click of a mouse is just one of the pluses that come with the times. True, the increasingly fast pace we're living our lives these days makes it easier for us to lose track of our funds, but it can be just as easy to get it back providing the proper methods for an online unclaimed money search are used.

Surprisingly, only a few of the millions of people owed state unclaimed property are actually trying to find missing money through the net. The $33 BILLION national unclaimed money pile is evidence of this. During times like these, that's quite ironic as multitudes of people in the U.S. are in a financial bind. The problem may lie in lack of public knowledge and proper search methods. Finding out how to do an expert unclaimed money search- know where, when and how to look can put much needed funds in citizens' desperate hands.

Unclaimed property (sometimes referred to as abandoned) refers to accounts in financial institutions and companies that have had no activity generated or contact with the owner for one year or a longer period. Common forms of unclaimed property include savings or checking accounts, stocks, uncashed dividends or payroll checks, refunds, traveler's checks, trust distributions, unredeemed money orders or gift certificates (in some states), insurance payments or refunds and life insurance policies, annuities, certificates of deposit, customer overpayments, utility security deposits, mineral royalty payments, and contents of safe deposit boxes." Examples of the latter can be anything from currency, assorted jewelry, family heirlooms, antiques and mementos. Unclaimed money in the U.S. Treasury is kept for safekeeping by most states until the rightful owners come- be it 10, 100, or 200 years, but tangible items from safe deposit boxes are auctioned-off each year due to lack of space in the unclaimed property vaults. Though family valuables may be forever lost on unclaimed money auctions held on eBay, the proceeds from the auctions are still claimable as a cash value and buyers on eBay get great deals from auctions held by the Treasury.

The amount of U.S. Treasury unclaimed money varies per state. New York, California and Florida have the biggest amounts at $8B, 6B and $2B (yes, the "B" is for BILLION) respectively. All 50 states in the United States are holding onto some amount of unclaimed funds or physical property belonging to residents, and the unclaimed property accounts are growing because most owners don't know that they're owed cash from their lost assets. All it really takes for folks to find their lost money is to learn how to do an online search properly. Within minutes, you may find you might be rich and didn't know it.

Unclaimed money and property expert Russ Johnson has been assisting Americans in finding their missing and unclaimed money online since 1997. His sites are and MissingMoney.TV which are updated regularly and are guaranteed official searches

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Money Talks For Students

Money Talks For Students
By Robert Grazian

It does not matter what walk of life you come from... money talks. If you are moving into a new neighborhood, starting a new job or meeting people just about anywhere, they are all interested in what you work as and really, how much money you have. There are idealists all over the world who would claim otherwise, but even they would have to admit, that in the majority of circumstances this is the case.

Not everybody feels that the amount of money or material goods that you have is important. Those who do not worry about the way that other people view them with regard to money will no doubt still accept that they are in the minority. Imagine moving in to a new house and getting to know the neighbors. If you arrive with a battered old car and a few old belongings, you will soon be viewed as being not very well off.

Some people will feel sympathy for you and some will put you on a lower social rung of the ladder than themselves. This could make you feel excluded from neighborhood life and make you feel inadequate. When it comes to first impressions, money talks louder than ever.

As we grow older, we often become more confident in who we have become. Unless we have been particularly unlucky, we have usually had the chance to orchestrate our lives to a degree and will hopefully be fairly pleased with where we have reached. As children and teenagers, however, this is not always the case. Often you will find a youngster, and teenage years seem to be worst for this, who feels the need to compete in a materialistic way with their peers. This peer group pressure is often financially biased.

It may show itself through clothing and wearing the acceptable designer clothes and shoes. In an adolescents world money talks as it is believed that being able to afford the latest in clothes and gadgets will bring friendships and thus happiness. Often they are correct in their thinking, if only these friendships could last! All too often relationships that are based on financial success can dwindle as soon as the finances dwindle. True friendships would outlast any hardship which meant you having to wear a slightly more economic brand of jeans!

This is quite normal and natural behavior in an adolescent. However, if this continues into adulthood it may bring with it a host of problems. Although money talks, it can sometimes say things that we do not want overheard. If you are unusually wealthy within a social group you may find that you suffer from being distanced by some of the members of the society.

Some people find money difficult to accept in others and you may come across some resentment. Money can be the root of much evil and jealousy and envy are very strong personality traits which often bring outspoken feelings. Even if you have worked hard to earn the financial security which you are now enjoying, if it is considerably greater than that of others in your social circle, you may find yourself alienated.

Money talks, it is true. It is up to you to make sure that it talks quietly and thoughtfully and does not shout to much!

Robert Grazian is an accomplished niche website developer and author. To learn more about money and loans visit Best Student Loans Today for current articles and discussions

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3 Reasons Why Meta Tags Are Still Important

3 Reasons Why Meta Tags Are Still Important
By Stefan Hyross

When people first look into optimizing their website in order to gain better placement in the search engines one of the first things that comes to mind is the web site's meta tags. The meta tags contain information such as the keyword or keyword phrases that best describe the information or theme of a website as well as a short description about the site.

But of the years the importance of meta tags has been downplayed or ignored because of the lack weight given to them by search engines for rankings. But there are reasons why you will still want to pay attention to them.

Back in the early days of search engines meta tags were often the most important and sometimes the only tool you needed to ranking highly for keyword phrases. This made it very easy for sites to rank highly for terms that had nothing to do with the actual content of the site thus making the search engine results pages full of sites that were not relevant to the user.

In a effort to show more relevant search results search engines had to add additional factors and criteria into the way they ranked a website. Since then search engines have been paying much more attention to the content of a site as well as a number of other factors.

And even though these days some search engine such as Google pay little if any attention to meta tags in an effort to improve the quality of search results, there are still reasons why they should be an important part of search engine optimization.

1. Some Search Engines Still Give Weight To Meta Tags - Search Engines such as Yahoo and MSN still use meta tags as part of the determining factors for ranking a site. Although the amount of importance may be small, when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) every little bit helps. Think of it as dotting your I's and crossing your T's.

2. It Can Help Increase Traffic To Your Site - Often search engines will use your title tags as the linked text for your site with either the whole or part of the description underneath it on the results page.

A well written title tag and description can entice someone to click on your link. How many times have you searched for something and clicked on a result based on the linked text of description.

3. Help Optimize Individual Pages - Each page of your website should have different keywords and descriptions that reflect the content on those pages. This can help when trying to optimize different sections of your site for different keyword phrases. Search engines may then display that exact page in the results directing visitor to that specific section rather than just the home page.

These techniques for using meta tags will not guarantee search engine placement but when combined with a complete search engine optimization campaign can help. And when it comes to optimizing your site for the search engines every little bit counts.

Stefan Hyross specializes in internet marketing services in Toronto to bring your site more traffic. For more information about meta tags use or our guaranteed service please feel free to visit our website.

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The History of Meta Tags - Are They Still Necessary?

The History of Meta Tags - Are They Still Necessary?
By Dave Jackson

As early as 1996, a proposal was written to create a META tag to be used within the HTML of a page. Adding "metadata" tags to the HTML structure of the day for the purpose of better describing web pages. By then, hundreds of thousands of web pages had already been written, and the concern was that while pages could be indexed, there needed to be something that would allow to better automate their indexing.

That was known as the Proposal. Back in early 1999, papers were finally submitted to the World Wide Web Consortium - - a Resource Description Framework, but the tag had been in use for years.

Just as a library has a card index to catalog the millions of books, metadata was created to assist in creating the same thing for web pages. If you don't know what a Meta Tag looks like, try looking at the description at the W3 site. It is the purest form of information on HTML data.

For years webmasters were diligent including the necessary data into their pages. In fact, when you "View Source" on most web pages today you can see the meta data included within the HEAD tag.

If some of this is way over your head, hang in there; we're almost to the point.

Search engines have been around since 1993. The dream was to enable their "bots" to spider the web more effectively by indexing using something (metadata) within web pages. As early as 1994, search engine bots were already indexing entire pages. Because of the popularity of whole page indexing, sites such as "Webcrawler", later purchased by AOL, could only be used at night. During the day the number of searches simply crashed the servers.

Infoseek and AltaVista were the first to use the keywords meta tag in 1996. HotBot and Lycos soon followed. But what soon became apparent in 1997 was that some web site owners would insert misleading words about their pages, and some would use excessive repetition of words in hopes of tricking the search engines into thinking their pages were more relevant (read: Spamming).

Lycos stopped supporting the tag in 1998, and newer search engines such as Google and FAST never added support at all. When Infoseek ended in 2000, only AltaVista and Inktomi remained. AltaVista then joined the crowd and stopped supporting the keyword meta tag.

"In the past we have indexed the meta keywords tag but have found that the high incidence of keyword repetition and spam made it an unreliable indication of site content and quality. We do continue to look at this issue, and may re-include them if the perceived quality improves over time," said Jon Glick, AltaVista's director of internet search.

Not sure why Inktomi hangs in there. Their explanation is:

"The meta keywords value is just one of many factors in our ranking equation, and we've never given too much weight to it. That said, we will continue to use it as long as our relevance modeling shows that it adds value," Ken Norton, director of product marketing for Inktomi's web search division.

So if by 1994 we already had contextual based search engines, why in 1999 did we need metadata?

Well, that's just the point. We didn't really need them for search engine inclusion. As a matter of fact, the W3 explains the main reason would be to notify search engines that your site contains pages in another language, and where those pages are located. But as far as using metadata to get included in search engines, W3 simply touches on the Keyword and Description meta tags. Their focus is on better structure of the web page, content, and improved use of the robots.txt file.

Okay, so we learned that we don't need Meta Tags for the search engines to find us. And that since the early '90's the "bots" have been spidering the web, including pages into various collections. But we do know that a higher ranking in the search engines will improve our AdSense performance. In other words, more people visiting your site, the greater the probability they will click your AdSense ads and make you some money.

The fallacy is that souping your pages up with (stuffing) keywords will increase your search engine rank. Guess what? Nobody uses Inktomi.

Founder of one of the first web hosting companies on the Internet, World Wide Mart, Dave Jackson has been teaching others how to monetize their web sites for over ten years. Currently he teaches others to create a solid residual income by creating quality web sites of great benefit to visitors and monetizing them using contextual ads. His blog is Making Money with Contextual Ads.

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SEO and Meta Tags: No more Foolin

SEO and Meta Tags: No more Foolin'
By Scott Lindsay

When an online marketer is designing and setting up web pages they may use a Meta information to allow search engines to gain an understanding of what their website or web page is designed to do for visitors.

Once upon a time in the land of Cyber it was believed that a Meta Tag could be the silver bullet that allowed you to gain high rankings in search engines. The fairy tale has gone away, but the Meta Tag Fable remains.

What is a Meta Tag?

A Meta Tag is invisible to your visitors, but along with other Meta information may be useful to search engines to derive a brief description of your website. This information is what you will find if you do a search of your own website through a popular search engine. The Meta tag is added through the use of html language.

In a time not so far removed a Meta Tag was often loaded with keywords or phrases associated with your website.

These jam-packed Meta Tags would allow for a meteoric rise in the search engines, however the mechanism for ranking search engines began to alter when search engines discovered that the Meta Tag didn’t provide the most pristine picture of the sites they were ranking.

The companies operating search engines saw that the Meta Tag was being abused so they began to develop sophisticated new ways to rank websites that did not rely on Meta Tags.

It is possible that you could find marketing data that indicates an approach that includes keyword stuffing on Meta Tags, please understand this is either based on outdated information or the person writing the article hasn’t really researched their subject very well.

The last search engine to use Meta Tags was Alta Vista and they ceased using this ranking method in 2002.

Search engines do use Meta Title information, but do not use Meta Tags for search engine rankings. Goggle has never used Meta Tags.

Meta information can still be useful for your website, but using Meta Tags is now something that is ignored and vilified in less than polite company.

The growth of Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles is a healthy direction because is helps provide legitimacy to your website and it also provides a positive reputation online. This reputation is now a part of many search engine rankings.

A reputable online marketing consultant can provide content rich ideas that will enhance the long-term performance of your website.

Scott Lindsay is a web developer and entrepreneur. He is the founder of HighPowerSites and many other web projects.

Make A Website in minutes with HighPowerSites or Build A Website with BuildAGreatSite.

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Careers In Nursing: Labor And Delivery

Careers In Nursing: Labor And Delivery

Nursing is a career field that is experiencing extraordinary growth. While jobs are being lost or curtailed in several industries, nursing is projected to exceed the average growth in all career fields between now and 2016. These promising projections apply to job prospects for both Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Registered Nurses (RNs).

Labor & Delivery Nursing

Labor and Delivery (L&D) is one of many fields of specialization in which a nursing graduate may choose to concentrate. L & D nurses are a part of the labor and delivery team that cares for women and their newly born infants. They assist patients before, during, and after the birthing process in several ways:

Coordinating with physicians to provide the best care plan for each patient.

Monitoring the mother and baby during labor

Teaching mothers how to care for themselves and the new infant

Providing emotional support to the mother and family

Nurses who train to become L & D nurses may assume different roles in that position.

These include:

Antepartum Nurse

The antepartum nurse cares for patients who have pregnancy complications which force them to be hospitalized.

Circulating Nurse

Circulating nurses handle care in the operating room when a cesarean section is being performed.

L&D Nurse

L&D Nurses care for patients in labor who may or may not have delivery complications.

Nursey Nurse

The nursery nurse cares for newborn infants in the nursery.

Postpartum Nurse

The postpartum nurse cares for patients after delivery.

Scrub Nurse

The scrub nurse directly assists the surgeon during a cesarean section.

L & D Nurse Requirements

Education Requirements

L & D nurses must have an RN license with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN), Associate Degree in Nursing (AND), or hospital diploma. Education in neonatal resuscitation and fetal monitoring is an additional requirement. LPNs interested in this specialty may wish to consider an LPN to RN program which allows them to earn a BSN degree on an accelerated basis.

General Qualifications

Critical thinking, communication, and decision making skills are essential to L&D nursing. The job requires the wisdom to assess and prioritize patient needs in an environment that is often rapidly changing and fast paced. Stellar communication skills are also vital for this type of nursing. L & D nurses must communicate with other medical staff members, the patients and the patients̢۪ families.

Practice Settings

L & D nurse positions are found primarily in hospitals. Other settings in which they practice include clinics, physicians̢۪ offices, and maternity and birthing centers.


In 2006, the median annual earnings for registered nurses was $57, 280. Earnings for the middle 50% ranged from $47,710 to $69, 850. Those in the highest 10% earned in excess of $83, 440. Among industries employing the largest numbers of registered nurses in 2006, the median annual incomes were as follows:

Employment services $64,260

General medical and surgical hospitals 58,550

Home health care services 54,190

Offices of physicians 53,800

Nursing care facilities 52,490

Advancement Opportunities

Some L & D nurses wishing to further specialize choose to become neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) nurses or to become Certified Nurse Midwives (CNM).

Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) Nurse

NICU nurses specialize in caring for premature infants or full term infants with serious medical complications. Infants in NICU usually suffer from multiple complications and often require medical or surgical intervention. Nurses working in this area must be skilled in the ability to assess and care for these types of infants. NICU nurses care not only for the infants, but also provide education, care, and support to the parents.

Hospitals generally staff NICU positions with registered nurses who already have experience in other areas of nursing. NICU nurses are required to complete additional education and training provided by the employer before transitioning into a NICU nursing position. NICU nurses work mainly in hospitals in conjunction with respiratory therapists, neonatologists, and advanced practice nurses. An RN wishing to work as a Nurse Practitioner in this setting must first obtain a Master̢۪s Degree in Nursing (MSN) or obtain additional professional certification.

Certified Nurse Midwife

Certified Nurse Midwives (CNMs) are registered nurses who provide care and treatment to women before, during and after childbirth. CNMs must complete an accredited program of study in addition to obtaining clinical experience in obstetrical care.

They are trained to provide a variety of services which include:

Pap smears

Breast examinations

Advising women on matters of reproductive health

Monitoring the mother and fetus during pregnancy

Abdominal and pelvic examinations

Education about childbirth methods

Counseling on infant care and nutrition

When medical treatments and medications are necessary, CNMs work closely with obstetricians or other physicians. CNMs can be credited with helping to reduce maternal and infant death rates in this country.

L&D nursing is a broad nursing specialty which offers a wealth of opportunity for long term professional growth.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

8 Common Tax Preparation Mistakes To Avoid

8 Common Tax Preparation Mistakes To Avoid

Simple Math Errors
Before sending in those forms, go over your math a few times to make sure your return is 100% accurate. You could get fired, or even audited if you add an additional zero somewhere, or put a decimal point in the wrong spot. Crunching the numbers one last time is more than worth taking such a risk.

All Source of Employment
If you worked in more than one job this year, you need to make sure that you list them all on your tax return. If you do forget to list any income, you could be accused of tax evasion. Rather than go through all the hoops that tax evasion will put you through, make sure to list any and all sources of employment, no matter how long or short they were.

Charity Misinformation
Making a charitable donation is more than good for your karma; it is good for reducing your tax liability. However, the IRS is becoming stricter with contributions, and if you forget to list the charity correctly on your tax forms then you will receive no deductions.

Marital Status
Even if you were divorced fairly recently, it is still necessary to list your current marital status. The IRS is going to get suspicious when your ex-spouse lists themselves as single and you do not. Although it is not technically tax evasion, there could be financial penalties involved if the IRS chooses to audit you.

Childcare Costs
Children and students of all ages require large amounts of funding for everything from childcare to education costs. Fortunately, the IRS allows you to deduct expenses spent on childcare. However, these credits have many qualifications, so make sure you are fully qualified before you submit your forms.

Unearned Income
Believe it nor not, the IRS already knows how much unearned income you have made this year. In addition to forms like 1099, the IRS also has the ability to monitor your bank account activity. To avoid penalties and fines, keep good track of your unearned income throughout the year and list it all on your tax return.

Missing the April 15th deadline is not the worst mistake you could make... unless you also forget to file for an extension. An extension gives you an additional 6 months to file your return forms, at no additional costs.

It is surprising this mistake even makes the list, but sadly it is true. For some reason when people are flustered over crunching numbers and attaching receipts, they forget important details like signing the documents—possibly because the signature and date is often the last are often the last things to do.

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