Thursday, September 22, 2011

Advertising Vs Free Marketing

Advertising Vs Free Marketing

If you want to boost your overall sales, then you need to think outside the box. This means implementing marketing campaigns that you probably may have never thought of before. Because the bottom line is that, if you want to make more money in your business, you have to get more new customers, sell more to the existing customers that you do have, and get referrals from this group of people.

This is fairly simple and easy to do, and it doesn't require you to change much of your existing marketing campaign. Because essentially, you only have 2 options in business: Advertising, or market your business for free. Now right off the bat, I can tell you that free marketing will take a long time for your business to develop. But if you advertise, you get instant results and phone calls for your business.

Free marketing and advertising has their perks and disadvantages. With free marketing, it takes time for it to work, but the results are 100% profit. 2 great way to do free marketing offline is with generating referrals, and doing joint ventures with a similar business in your area. These 2 strategies are things that some business owners do without taking a second look at things.

And then you have paid advertising. This is the fastest way to get new customers to your business, but it's also the most risky. If your ad fails, you've lost a lot of money that you poured into the ad. But if it works, obviously you will want to do it again, again, and again some more.

I personally employ both techniques in my business. I like the advertising route because it's fast, and it allows me to capture leads simply and easily. Yet as a result of getting a new customer this way, there will be some cost to acquire the customer. So there's not 100% profits here.

However with free marketing, you get 100% profits - and this is something that I feel is mind blowing. There are a ton of free marketing strategies that you can use in your business, and there are even more free marketing techniques that you can implement on the internet.

Don't overlook the power of free marketing. Yeah it does take some time, but the more you do it, the more you will see that it's a great way to promote your business, all while enjoying the profits. If you don't have the kind of money to place on advertising, then start doing some free marketing today.

Contact similar (but non-competitive) business owners to see if they want to do a joint venture deal. Go on the internet and start doing some free marketing there. Hand out flyers to targeted people in your area. There are more ways to take free marketing to the next level, but I think you get the idea here.

If you can use these tips to earn more money in your business, you will become an unstoppable force. You may even want to start an email newsletter where you can contact your prospects on a weekly basis -- without it costing you a dime.

I think it's clear that you should start using these techniques in your business today. You'll earn a lot more money this way.

Good luck with using these tips to earn the sales and profits that you desire in your business.

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