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How To Improve Weight Loss By Eating Carbs

How To Improve Weight Loss By Eating Carb

As the pros and cons of carbohydrates continue to be debated in the popular press, a new twist has emerged. Resistant starch is a type of carbohydrate said to accelerate weight loss. Weight-loss coach Cameron Mackay shows you how it works, and how to get more in your diet.

What is resistant starch?

Most fibers and starches are digested and absorbed into your body through the small intestine. Resistant starch is a unique type of fiber found in some carbohydrate foods that your body finds hard to digest. Because it “resists” digestion, it arrives whole in your large intestine. Once there, bacteria ferment it, producing fatty acids that are absorbed into your bloodstream — it’s these unique fatty acids that have some interesting weight-loss properties.

How does resistant starch help you lose weight?
A study published in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism in 2004 showed resistant starch can increase fat oxidation significantly, helping to change the way the body burns fat as fuel.

One specific fatty acid produced from resistant starch fermentation — called butyrate — is thought to block the body’s ability to burn carbohydrates. Usually carbohydrates are used first for fuel, but when butyrate is present, stored body fat and recently consumed dietary fat are used earlier as an energy source.

Researchers found that replacing just 5.4 percent of carbohydrates with resistant starch increased fat burning (the use of fat as fuel instead of carbohydrates) by 23 percent. Resistant starch in a meal is associated with less fat storage after that meal, and over the long term, that could help to significantly reduce the storage of body fat.

An earlier study, published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition in 1996, showed that when normal flour is replaced with a flour alternative that is high in resistant starch, the kilojoule content of that food is reduced. This is another way that resistant starch can contribute to weight management and weight loss.

Are there any extra health benefits?
In addition to weight control, resistant starch is thought to provide other health benefits, including:

* improved diabetes management;
* improved bowel health;
* reduced blood cholesterol levels;
* reduced blood triglyceride levels; and
* increased satiety (fullness) from food.

What foods are high in resistant starch?

There are actually several varieties of resistant starch, although they all have a very similar function. One of the best sources of resistant starch is called Hi-Maize, which comes from a special breed of corn. It’s used as a food additive in breads, pasta and breakfast cereals without altering the taste, color or texture of the food. You can also buy it at health food shops and use it instead of flour. Other sources of resistant starch include:

* intact wholegrain cereals, seeds and nuts, such as oats, rye, wheat, barley, semolina, corn, linseed, sesame;
* legumes such as lentils and baked beans are a very good source of resistant starch;
* unripe fruit, especially bananas; and
* cooking and cooling carbohydrate foods can also increase their resistant starch content, such as cold rice (sushi), cold pasta salad and potato salad.

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How To Improve Each Facet Your Golf Game

How To Improve Each Facet Your Golf Game

The game of golf is composed of many facets. This article discusses each facet of the golf game and what you can do to improve each of these areas of your game.

If you give some thought to it, golf should not be that difficult of a game. What is the difference between golf and the world's other dominant sports? If we consider football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, what is the status of the ball when you are playing the sport?

Yes, the ball is moving.

In golf, the little golf ball remains in its place, completely devoid of movement. Why, then, is it so difficult to hit a ball that is not even moving? In fact, many beginning golfers cannot even hit the ball. You have seen this, haven't you? The new golfer, confident with their new set of clubs and fancy golf apparel, addresses the ball, takes their swing, and...misses the ball completely. This simple ball, that is just remaining there in one place, immobile.

So, the first thing that a golfer needs to concentrate on are the mechanics of the golf swing. New golfers just want to make contact with the golf ball while more experienced golfers are always seeking to improve their golf swing. If you watch the professionals on television, they have one consistent swing that they use repeatedly. At the driving range, you will see amateurs swing different with each pass at the ball. To have a solid, consistent golf swing, view one of the many "how to swing a golf club" videos that are available.

Once you have mastered the mechanics of the golf swing, and practiced at the range, you should be able to make your way around the golf course. Now, you will want to investigate the variations that come with each club.

Several professional golfers, like John Daly, have made themselves famous by hitting famously long drives. The first mistake of novice golfers is trying to hit the ball too hard by swinging too fast and out of control. You want to use the solid swing mechanics that you have learned in your tee shot while adjusting your stance and movement to the longer length of the driver.

Your second shot on a Par 4 will likely be an iron shot. Again, the fundamentals of the swing remain the same though each club will be a slightly different length. Your body will be slightly closer to the ball and you will want to position the ball a little bit further back in your stance.

Remember, all variations in golf are minute. They are not extreme. If you move the ball just fractions of an inch, the results are going to be dramatically different. And the swing always remains the same.

You will often see the "old gang" at the golf course beat the younger crowd who hits the ball much further. You would never guess this watching from afar because the younger people hit it so much further and look healthier and stronger. Why is this?

It is because the key to great scoring in golf is mastery of the short game. Older players always seem to know this while it takes novice golfers a long time to learn. You will always see new golfers at the driving range trying to hit the ball harder and further. More often, what they should be doing is learning how to putt and how to hit wedge shots.

Finally, we have golf's other game--the mental game. You will often hear people say that 90% of golf takes place "between the ears." What does this mean? Well, in part it means that you should take time out between shots and consider your golf.

Let's think of an example. At the driving range, you see people hit ball after ball every 15 seconds. Do you do this on the golf course? Often, their swing looks different every shot with more frustration in each shot. They are practicing, yes, but are they getting better? As the golf adage goes, practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent. In these instances, the best course of action is to stop swinging and start thinking.

If you step back and think about these facets of the golf game, you will become a much better golfer, shoot lower scores, and have much more fun on the golf course.

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Acne Medicine-top New Developments

Acne Medicine-top New Developments

Acne medicine is developing as fast as the understanding of what causes acne and how best to treat the causes. The unfortunate truth about acne is that the treatment in the past has usually not been as effective as it could have been because it was not treating the underlying true cause of the condition. For example, eliminating chocolate and cheese from the diet doesn't stop the outbreaks of acne. However, smart nutritional habits are good for your skin health and the overall health of those with acne and those who are acne free as well.

Hormonal Therapy

Fluctuating hormone levels have been found to be a significant factor in the severity of acne formation on the skin, particularly when it is adult acne. This is found quite commonly as a cause of acne in adult females from ages 25 to 35. Acne medicine prescribed with the purpose of inhibiting the stimulation of androgens on the sebaceous glands. Unfortunately, not all acne specialists are familiar with this type of remedy. It requires oral medication and monitoring by blood tests. However, if other treatment isn't working well, you may want to consider pursuing this treatment modality. Even some severe cases have shown surprising results after hormone treatment.

Light Treatment

Light treatment is a nontraditional acne medicine that has become popular in recent years. It is also known as blue light. This is a treatment using high intensity lights that acts in a similar manner to ultraviolet light when it is used in a water purification system. The bacteria population on the skin is bathed in blue light in a series of treatment sessions. This results in a reduction of the number of bacteria. The practice of using UV lights has been discontinued because of its tendency to damage the skin.

Topical Remedies

Dapsone is a typical prescription that is commonly accepted as an effective treatment for severe or inflammatory acne. In addition, the sulfone derivative is effective in treating acne and other skin disorders. The topical form of the antibacterial agent is now used in the treatment of acne blemishes that fall in the range of moderate to mild lesions from acne. The purpose of acne medicine in the topical form is to reduce the number of bacteria found on the skin. Other antibiotics and topical remedies have the purpose of soothing and healing the skin.

Treating Cystic Acne

Acne medicine focused on the treatment for cystic acne is caused by clogged oil ducts. The clogged ducts typically become infected. Common medications are focused on eliminating or at least reducing the bacteria that is common to the skin. Any treatment must be based on reduction of bacteria, slowing or stopping the production of oil through destruction of the glands or controlling the hormone production. The third major component of treating cystic acne is to provide for cleansing of the skin so that new outbreaks are reduced or eliminated. This threefold approach eliminates most of the causative factors for the condition.

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Swine Flu - What Should I Do

Swine Flu - What Should I Do

A new strain of flu called the "swine flu" is creating an international stir and is putting health monitoring agencies and doctors throughout the World on extreme high alert. This new mutant virus has the potential to become an international pandemic and can kill otherwise healthy adults - not just the young, weak or infirm. The spread of this potentially deadly new strain of flu is of great concern to the health community because it has popped up in the USA and Mexico and has potentially spread undetected so far to many other areas. The swine flu has already caused the death of scores of people in Mexico and many more people are being infected daily worldwide, including in the USA. An immunization for the swine flu is not widely available and it may be too late to produce enough to halt the rapid spread of this potentially deadly disease. If you develop any of the following flu symptoms you should consult your doctor.

I feel horrible! - do I have the flu or is it just a common cold? This question is usually the 1st one that comes to my mind when I get that lousy-all-over-feeling that lets me know I've caught a winter season bug. Some of the symptoms of all strains of the flu (influenza), including the potentially deadly "swine flu", are very similar to those common to the common cold, however, there are some flu symptoms that are not. Here are 8 symptoms that are common to the flu. These tips may help you determine whether you have the flu and a proper course of action if you do. If you suspect you have the flu and not just a common cold, see your doctor within 48 hours if possible. He may be able to prescribe medications that will help lessen the severity of your symptoms. After 48 hours the available antiviral medications are much less effective.

1.) Fever of 100.4 F (38C) or higher. Fever is rare if you only have a cold but fever over 100.4 F for 3-4 days is common in up to 80% of flu cases.
2.) Muscle aches that are widespread throughout the body. Muscle aches are not common with a cold and if they do occur are normally slight.
3.) Very tired or exhausted feeling. The degree of tiredness is usually much more pronounced with the flu than with a common cold.
4.) Headaches are common with the flu but fairly uncommon with a cold.
5.) Chills are common with the flu but are uncommon with a cold.
6.) Sore throats are common with both the flu and a cold.
7.) Stuffy or runny nose. These are common with both the flu and a cold but are more common with children who have the flu than with adults with the flu.
8.) Stomach problems such as nausea, vomiting and diarrhea are sometimes associated with the flu - a more common symptom with children - but uncommon with a cold.

If you have any of the symptoms commonly associated with the flu, you should see your doctor ASAP - remember , as stated above, if within 48 hours of the onset of flu symptoms he may be able to treat you with antiviral medications that may reduce the severity of your symptoms and shorten their duration. After 48 hours the effectiveness of antiviral medications is substantially reduced.

Here are a few other suggestions that may help get you through the misery of having the flu: 1) Get enough sleep - not only will sleep help your body recover more quickly from the flu but when you are asleep you are not suffering 2) take over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil or other brands of ibuprofen or acetaminophen 3) keep your room warm (but not hot) 4) monitor your fever 5) avoid contact with others(except your doctor)until you are well 6) do not continue working or strenuous daily activities until you are well. Prevention is better. To prevent the flu: Ask your doctor if he recommends that you get a flu shot each year before the flu season begins. Certainly you should see you doctor immediately if you suspect you already have the flu. The flu can be serious and the swine flu is potentially fatal is serious and early detection is important. If you are living in a geographic area where the swine flu has been detected you should not hesitate to advise your doctor of your symptoms immediately.

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Swim To Achieve A Good Health

Swim To Achieve A Good Health

That's true! Often regarded as a recreational activity, swimming is a boon for those, who want to lose weight and stay fit. In addition, it is a popular occupation and sport for thousands of people across the world. We can divide swimming into 3 major categories recreational, competitive, and occupational swimming.

While recreational swimming is considered as a good way to relax, it also helps you enjoy a full-body workout. Freestyle, butterfly stroke, breaststroke, front crawl, side stroke, and dog paddle are considered as perfect swimming styles for recreational swimming. Recreational swimming is often tried indoors or in controlled environments.

There exist many occupations in the world that require practitioner swimmers such as spear fishing, pearl diving, and lifeguards. People also learn swimming to master other skills such as observing plants and animals in aquatic habitats, join military, or become a sportsperson. The competitive swimming started in Europe in an organized form in the beginning of 19th century. However, swimming was included in the Olympic Games in late 19th century.

You should learn swimming to derive various health benefits such as cardiovascular fitness, stress reduction, and weight control. It also tones your muscles and helps you reduce cholesterol content and blood pressure. While learning this art, it is important to seek expert guidance as you also face various risks including drowning. However, learning this art through appropriate training and using of swimming safety measures allows you to enjoy it thoroughly.

There are multiple benefits of opting for swimming as an activity. Swimming is a great form of exercise that allows you to relax, and if done in a pleasant environment, it helps you minimize the stress. This is a useful activity that offers a complete workout for the body, and is less stressful on joints and bones. It is also used to treat people with disabilities and helps you build stamina through proper training and practice.

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Fuelling The Future With Alternative Energy

Fuelling The Future With Alternative Energy

The current dominant conventional fuels that are used include fossil fuels, petroleum, uranium, coal and propane. There has been growing concern about these conventional fuels, thus leading to the increasing demand for, and interest in alternative fuels.

People in general are becoming acutely aware of the degradation of the earth and that they have to make drastic changes in order to keep our world from being destroyed. The effects of conventional fuels such as fossils fuels are known to contribute to global warming, and the emission of harmful gasses into the air from petrol driven vehicles is having a severe effect on air pollution. Aside from this, the ever rising cost of fuel and concerns about the demand for fuel exceeded its supply, are mitigating factors for the need for alternative fuels.

The Pros of Alternative Fuels

Alternative fuels such as bio-diesel, bio-alcohol, fuel cells, hydrogen, non-fossil methane, non-fossil natural gas and vegetable oil are now well known and deemed to be greatly more desirable in the quest to preserve our planet. There are a number of benefits to using alternative fuels. Firstly, alternative fuel-powered vehicles will emit less harmful gasses into the air resulting in less pollution. Biodiesel is also completely renewable as its primary source is vegetable oil. So there is no need to throw out used oil as it can be collected and refined. Secondly, these fuels can also prolong the engine life of your vehicle and are generally cheaper than conventional fuels. Thirdly, they burn more efficiently and will therefore help you save money. In addition to this, using alternative fuels will also help countries to end their dependency on foreign oil. It’s common knowledge that this relationship between countries has led to war and unrest. By countries manufacturing their own alternatives fuels, we can hope for less of this violence and more independence.

The Cons of Alternative Fuels

Although alternative fuels are becoming more and more popular, they are not yet perfected. Alternative fuel vehicles are substantially more expensive than conventional fuel vehicles and at the moment it seems that only the more affluent members of our society can afford these ECO friendly cars. Alternative fuels are also not readily available and often finding a gas station to fill your alternative fuel car can be quite a feat. As this technology is new, there are also few places that can service these cars.

I don’t doubt that we are still in for many years of debate on the benefits and drawbacks of Alternative Fuels. The most important issue however, has to be conserving the world we live in. We know that the daily use of conventional fuel is contributing to destroying our planet and I’m sure that everyone would gladly consider an alternative to that.

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Vitamins In High Blood Pressure (hbp), Hypertesnsion

Vitamins In High Blood Pressure (hbp), Hypertesnsion

Along with many other ingredients that are used in food the role of vitamins in reducing high blood pressure is also vital. There a lot of minerals that help to reduce the pressure of blood within our body. Like sodium chloride i.e. common salt is a misunderstood item and it is often thought that it increases blood pressure. But there is dietary limit to how much salt a person with high blood pressure must consume and if it is kept in check strictly then he would not need to panic or to discard salt permanently from his food items. After all the body needs sodium chloride biologically, and so it is a necessary mineral.

It is considered nowadays that the vitamin C has major role to play in reducing the blood pressure of the body. Many studies have been conducted to try and figure out the exact role of this vitamin when it comes to blood pressure and cardiovascular conditions. It has been proved from these studies that the blood pressure of a person is likely to be higher if he takes less vitamin C than he needs. Scientists have shown that a minimum amount of vitamin C is to be consumed by everyone in order to keep the blood pressure normal. In a person suffering from hypertension or high blood pressure this amount is all the more important for it will help control his blood pressure

If a person takes more than 240 milligrams of vitamin C every day than he will have a much lesser chance of having high blood pressure than those who take about 60 milligrams or vitamin C a day. 240 milligrams of vitamin C a day is within the safe limits according to the doctors and the scientists.

Nowadays a heart patient and a patient suffering from hypertension are suggested to take vitamin and mineral supplements if he can not get the vitamin from the natural sources in his food. These vitamins and minerals are vitally important to prevent heart failure and stoke and to keep it working fine.

But it is important for everyone to first consult a physician and advisably a heart specialist and let him determine what vitamins and minerals you might be needing. It is certainly not a good idea to decide by yourself to start consuming vitamin C or any other vitamin without consulting your doctor. You might have some other problems and taking excessive amount of these vitamins might cause more trouble than help.

Vitamin A, vitamin D vitamin b-complex – all these are also prescribed to be consumed in a moderate level to help patients suffering from hypertension. The vitamin-mineral supplement treatment for hypertension is very popular these days and almost all the doctors suggest it. It is natural and therefore safer than any drug can be. 500 IU Vitamin A the basic formula of vitamins and mineral consists of 4000 mg Vitamin C, 400 IU Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin B15, niacin amide, Vitamin B1, pantothenic acid, Vitamin B2, 300 mcg folic acid, 100 mg vitamin B6, 100 mcg biotin and 500 mcg vitamin B12.

More muscle activity of the heart it needs nutrients and that is supplied by the various vitamins. Beta carotene i.e. vitamin A works as an anti-oxidant and therefore is good for the heart. Vitamin C also helps in the conversion of cholesterol and this is a very good thing for the heart. Vitamin E strengthens the heart muscles and keeps it protected from various diseases.

As the heart stays healthy and active it helps to keep the blood pressure in control.

Those are only a few strategies of many to help you lower and even successfully take control of your high blood pressure. More simple yet powerful strategies and step-by-step instructions about what to do and how to do it right, you can find in a special report by Samuel Baron "Natural Treatment For Hypertension".

By: Samuel A. Baron

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Diy Wedding Favors

Diy Wedding Favors

Are They Worth the Effort?

If you are the creative type then you are probably already mulling over the idea of making your own wedding favors. But is making your own really worth all the time & effort?

When you begin thinking about what you could make & the time it will take to make them, wouldn’t you be better off just buying them ready made? Making your own can be a good option if your budget won’t stretch to ready made versions & you know you are capable of making perfectly good versions yourself. However there are other considerations.

For instance, if you wanted to make your own cookie wedding favors, with packaging, fully iced & you have over 200 guests. You will need to consider a) how long will it take you to bake that amount of cookies.

Remember you will need to bake around 10% more than the number of guests to allow for any mistakes during icing or breakages; b) how long you can store them for before they go off; c) where can you store them & how many airtight containers will you need; d) how will it take you to package them all up, tie up the little bags & add your thank you tags.

Whilst that example was for cookie wedding favors, it is applicable to many other types of favor as well. So when you consider how long it could take you to get them finished is it worth all the effort?

Surprisingly, the answer is YES. Making your own can be fun & can offer you a distraction from other more mundane aspects of your wedding planning. Alongside this giving your guests something you have lovingly handcrafted makes them even more special & your guests will appreciate all the effort you have gone too.

If you still need some convincing, here are some of the benefits of DIY wedding favors:

Benefits of DIY wedding favors:

Making your own no matter how elaborate or simple can be a great excuse to get the girls around to help you out. Holding a wedding favor party can be a great chance for you to relax, have a few drinks & a gossip. It has the added benefit of getting all your favors made, packaged & ready in double quick time. So think about holding a get together one evening or even during lunchtime.

If you need to get your mother & mother-in-law involved in some aspect of the wedding then making the wedding favors could be an ideal solution. It is also a sneaky way to get them out of the way & leave you to get on with other things! In my experience they will be only too pleased to help & positively thrilled that you have asked!

Making your own is a good way to stay in budget. Because you are in charge of the design & the raw ingredients you can easily adapt the design to stay within your favor budget.

Weddings are all about personal touches & being a reflection of your style & tastes, so making your own wedding favors is a perfect way to get this across. It is often the little things that mean the most & your guests will no doubt be overwhelmed at the trouble you have gone to on their behalf.

DIY wedding favors are ideal for personalizing as you will determine the design, you can easily pick the style, shape & placement of your personalization. You can also personalize each favor to each guest, although I wouldn’t recommend it for a large wedding as it could take you years to complete them all! As a suggestion you could give each guest candies that are suited to their age group, for instance luxury liquor truffles to the adults, jelly beans for the children & others which may need to conform to certain dietary requirements. You could even provide low calories confectionary for the dieters amongst your guests!

So, really the choice is yours. DIY wedding favors, whilst time consuming, are well worth the effort & think of the satisfaction you will get when your guests open them on your wedding day!

By: Jason Hennessey

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Healthy Soup Recipes - Do They Taste Good

Healthy Soup Recipes - Do They Taste Good

The old fashioned soup stock made with bones and scraps of meat that grandma made sure was yummy. My mom used to make barley soup with a beef bone, and I loved it as a kid. In fact if you’re a meat eater, there’s nothing wrong with carrying on the tradition and throwing your own meat bone and scraps into the pot - especially grass fed - it has much better fats and composition than commercial feed-lot meat.

However, with awareness around reducing cancer, heart disease and other degenerative illness through lower consumption of animal products (source: The China Study), it doesn’t hurt to also enjoy soup with a meatless base. You’d be amazed at how delicious such soup can be; it is even enhanced by the Super Immunity™ Ingredients.

And if you’re already on or exploring a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, you’ll be excited to know that the recipes in our ebook at this site have some of the best tasting broth you could find anywhere. Such rich flavors emerge from a pot of soup simmering with potent natural herbal oils, spices and vegetables, you’ll find your mouth watering just waiting for it to finish cooking and won’t be able to stay away from the pot.

They say the tongue has taste buds for salty, sweet, bitter and sour, and great chefs confirm, for a dish to be superb it must satisfy all these tastes. You will be amazed how soup broth made from these wonderful ingredients will contain all these flavors when you are finished cooking it.

We finish the soup off with hearty seasonings from the Orient, such as natural soy sauce, miso, Umeboshi plum vinegar and some added oil such as olive or coconut, to make a broth rich with flavor and depth. Now your greatest challenge will be to find a gracious and elegant way to serve such rich and delicious soup; with crusty bread and a salad, in your best bowls by candlelight or on a shady deck...there won’t be much leftover!

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