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How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweat Effectively

How to Stop Excessive Underarm Sweat Effectively
By Adam Young

Sweating is theoretically a normal occurrence to a person's body. It has its own scientific functions to serve the overall body system. One of its roles is to get rid of the unnecessary minerals and vitamins that are stored in the body. Thus, it cleans up the internal organs of your body by excreting the wastes. Likewise, underarm sweat allows lubricating the arms and body as they rub against each other. What turns out to be abnormal is when a person is experiencing excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating is the direct effect of the malfunctioning sweat glands. The underlying factors for such a condition include the health level, biological changes, diet, hygiene and state of mind. Such an abnormality is a serious struggle among those who are into this situation. It could lead to suffer from embarrassment, low self-esteem, depression and frustration. These are definitely the things which you don't want to experience.

Medical science today can stop excessive sweating of some parts of the body. Despite the effect on excessive sweating, you can still be assured that it is non-life-threatening. When deciding on what ought to be an effective process of treating such a medical concern, you need to consider the efficacy, cost, risk, comfort and side-effects. By doing so, you will get to determine which is the best option to stop the excessive sweating.

Armpit is obviously a prone area of your body to sweating. Too much sweating on that part of your body is something that you should be concerned of. In theory, there are two defined kinds of excessive underarm sweating, the primary and the secondary armpit excessive sweat disorders. The former is not affected by the existing diseases while the latter is the direct result of some medical problems like diabetes, thyroid and etc.

This medical dilemma must be properly treated right away in order to avoid the worst situation to occur out of it. It could result to inconvenience in working, playing sports and the rest of your routine activities. Therefore, it is very important to cure this heath problem immediately in order to get away from the terrible consequences if tolerated. Such treatment method on how to stop underarm sweat has to be proven if it is effective or not to save time and money.

However, if you want to become more practical in the effort of stopping excessive underarm sweating you may actually apply the basics such as proper balance diet, healthy lifestyle and body exercises. These things definitely aid to curtail too much sweating of your body and it is absolutely economical. Nevertheless, if you feel more comfortable with the medical advancement nowadays, you are always free to choose whichever treatment is the best.

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Excessive Body Sweat - Eliminate the Problem of Excessive Body and Underarm Sweating For Goodxcessive Body Sweat - Eliminate the Problem of Excessive Body and Underarm Sweating For Good

Excessive Body Sweat - Eliminate the Problem of Excessive Body and Underarm Sweating For Good
By Melanie Gandy

Excessive body sweat is typical during the summer months when temperatures are highest, but there are many who experience excessive sweating, particularly under the arms, all year long. Sweating is the result of the thermostat in our bodies sending out signals to the sympathetic nerves to hydrate the skin with a watery discharge that has an overall cooling effect on the body. For most people, after a short while of sweating, the sweat will dry up and the body is once again hydrated and functioning regularly.

Sweating occurs mostly on the face, hands, arms, underarms and groin area. Sweating is not a huge problem for those who do not sweat much as they can simply wipe the areas with a dry handkerchief or towel. However, many people have issues with excessive sweating and sweat so profusely that a towel or handkerchief just will not do. Not to mention, underarm and groin sweat can not be easily dried in public and sweat stains under the arms can be quite embarrassing. There is also the issue an accompanying foul odor in the affected areas of the body.

Although uncontrollable body sweating is not a serious medical problem, the issue can cause major discomfort and unease for those suffering with this condition. Those affected may feel very uncomfortable and insecure around other people. So why is it that some people barely ever break a sweat while others seem to sweat so easily and excessively?

An excessively sweating body is caused by over-excitement of the sympathetic nerves. When the sympathetic nerves are overly stimulated, the nerve endings tend to get a bit haywire, causing excessive sweat. So what causes these nerves to become overly stimulated? Stress, tension, nervousness, excitement, extremely hot temperatures and even spicy foods can throw these nerve endings out of whack causing them to become over active. This is what gives way to uncontrollable sweating.

Prescription strength deodorants, body sprays, talcum powders and medicated powders will provide some short term relief, but these items rarely ever fully correct the problem. Other remedies include taking excessive baths, drinking tons of water throughout the day in order to stay hydrated, avoiding the sun and not going out when the temperature is high. These are not realistic solutions since most people these days are quite busy, active and must go outside during all types of weather.

Since excessive body sweat is now a medical condition known as hyperhidrosis, surgery has been a suggested option by many medical practitioners. Surgery to correct this disorder can be quite costly and the time it takes to recuperate is entirely dependent on the extent of the incisions made. As with any surgery, normal day to day duties can, in fact, become significantly affected.

Natural remedies for curing this problem are becoming more common popular with those suffering from excessive body sweating simply because they work.

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How it Happened - The Sweat Lodge Phenomenon

How it Happened - The Sweat Lodge Phenomenon
By Carla Camou

How is it that some people can sit and watch someone get hurt, or even die and not lift a finger to help? How could those folks in the sweat lodge seemingly not notice that someone was in real trouble?

Not having been there, I don't know the exact circumstances. But I do know what kind of atmosphere can create a situation like that. Whether or not what I'm going to describe has anything to do with current news events, the patterns are worth all of us understanding in case we find ourselves, or someone we know, in a similar situation.

Let's start with some basics. Human beings need hope. With hope, we will endure almost anything. When we lose hope, we give up. Humans also have a need to feel that they belong. It is hard wired into us. When we feel like we belong to a group, we become very loyal to that group. When we are aligned with the group we feel good. When we go against the group we actually feel like we are doing something wrong. We feel guilty. So it is natural not only to seek out people who give us hope and make us feel that we belong, but also to be intensely loyal to that group.

Powerful leaders use these innate needs of humans to create a loyal following. They offer hope--hope that you can have it all; hope that you can be rich, successful, in love, beautiful, happy, etc. What they offer seems possible, really possible. So you open yourself up to have some hope.

The next step of powerful leaders is to remove fear. They encourage folks to face their fears and demonstrate how you can't trust it. There are a variety of ways to do this. The basic idea is that they push you through your fear, your doubt, and your logic and have you come out in a better place. After a few times, you begin to doubt your fear and trust the leader just a bit more. You start to want them to push. The eventual goal is for you to trust the leader more than you trust your own feelings.

Once you are in the system, you don't even realize that you are losing trust in yourself. You may even be thinking that you are having a great experience. You most likely feel like you are doing some important personal growth work and, you are. Learning to face your fears is a critical life skill. It only becomes a problem when you associate the good feeling of facing your fear with the leader and not yourself.

The experience of facing your fear and coming out in a good place is compelling. The experience of having witnesses while you do this is even better, and when you witness others, then a group bonding happens. At this point you have both hope and a sense of belonging.

Then, they add the consequences of giving up. They tell you that if you back down from what scares you, you've failed yourself and missed out on something wonderful. They teach you that the only reason you won't succeed is if you "give up" on yourself. Within this frame, all difficulties you are having with the leader or the organization are because you are being scared. And, the way through that fear is to hang in there a little longer, until you come out on the good side.

This combination of hope, belonging and attitude that "the only way to succeed is to keep pushing forward with this group" is a powerful structure. Stepping out, leaving the group often feels like being cast out or ripped away from the only good in your life. The equation is now: being in the group equals hope and belonging, and being out of the group equals letting my fear win and giving up on myself. Since most of the time when we join these groups, we are in some kind of transition and often do not have a strong support system outside of the group. Going against the group means starting all over and this is extremely hard.

So, you are in this group where you have great hope. You are growing and you feel like you belong. The leader often asks you to do things that are scary or hard, and you always feel better when you do them. This time, it's sitting in a sweat lodge. It will be uncomfortable, hot and humid, but really nothing to worry about. By the time you are a couple of hours into it, you are in a completely different state. The group pressure to push through this new challenge is quite high. And, you trust that the leader really knows what they are doing. That is the key. Once we hand over authority, humans tend not to take initiative. They leave it to the one in charge. They trust their leaders to do what is best and they don't trust themselves to override the leader.

Now, we have a huge problem. If the leader isn't paying attention or is unwilling to act, people can get hurt. People can die. And the ones that live will have a lot of emotional damage to deal with. It will be especially hard because from the outside we can't even begin to imagine how the others could have witnessed someone in dyer need and not done anything. And, they can't even explain it themselves. That transfer of their inner authority to the leader happened so subtly they never saw it happen. If we had asked any of them while they were still a part of the group, they would have denied any problems because for them there weren't any problems. They had hope and they belonged. They had all they needed.

A good leader will do many of the same things that the dangerous leaders will do. Determining the difference isn't exactly easy. A good teacher will have many ways to challenge you and many things you can learn from them. The main difference will be in their intent. The good leaders are focused on what is best for you, not what is best for them. The false leaders will put themselves first. A true leader, teacher, mentor, will continually hand the reigns back to you. Or refuse to take the reigns when you attempt to hand them over. They will push you, but they will make sure that you don't begin to blindly follow them. They will not promise you more than they will deliver. Often they will not promise anything, they will simply show you what might be possible. A true teacher understands that their ultimate goal is to help the student outgrow the teacher.

The damage done by false leaders can be very deep. It can not be measured in dollars lost or time spent. These people gradually take away our sense of who we really are, and recovering from that takes time, patience and often some professional help. The shame people feel when they have followed a false leader is immense.

It is very important that we all understand that this really can happen to any of us. Many people have had an experience of following a false leader. The duration of time that we followed varies. It is, however, very common. Unless you understand the combination of factors that create such a following, you are likely to follow a few false leaders on your path.

A leader's job is to create a compelling experience, one that encourages you to push yourself out of your comfort zone. They will provide an opportunity to feel like you belong and motivate you to keep going. When a leader considers themselves to be more of an authority on your life or your feelings than you are, it's time to stop following.

If you've been there, or are there now, take some time to think about how you got there. Be gentle with yourself about your experiences. There really were good things within that experience and it's OK to take the good and leave the rest. Most importantly, you are not the only one who this has happened to. You are not alone.

I think that most of us have walked at least a few steps down this type of path and spent a little time with someone who crossed the line a bit too often. When and how we came to terms with it is an individual process. But before we get too excited about the cases that make the news, maybe we need to check out the cases within our own lives and let that serve as a reminder to us to trust ourselves a bit more and be willing to speak out when something seems wrong. A good leader will appreciate that you are speaking out.

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